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Sourcing Parts for the Power Generation Sector

RPA Components understands the unique challenges that are faced in sourcing parts from international manufacturers for the power generation sector. We supply to Wind, Wave, Tidal, Nuclear, Hydro, Gas, Steam Turbine and Compressor manufacturers.

Our products include fully machined castings and forgings to customers' drawings in steel, grey iron, spheroidal graphite (ductile), austempered iron (API), copper, bronze, brass and aluminium alloys. Also, fasteners to a wide range of British, DIN and American standards.

Typical components include nacelle bedplates, bearing supports and housings, gearbox housings, planetary gears, reduction gears, splined shafts, foundation Bolts, foundation bolts, spring washers and tab washers, and retaining rings (up to 300mm diameter).

Product Range

  • Castings & forgings range
    a few grams to 110 tonnes

  • CNC Machining by boring and milling
    up to 65 tonnes in weight

  • CNC Horizontal turning
    up to 30 tonnes in weight

  • CNC Vertical turning
    up to 30 tonnes in weight

  • Hot forged bolts and nuts
    up to 80mm diameter

  • Hot & cold forged nuts, washers, springs & rivets

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