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A History of RPA Components

For over 20 years RPA Components have worked with manufacturing companies from Europe, the Far East and the Indian subcontinent, offering customers in the UK the ability to purchase high quality components using innovative manufacturing processes at very competitive prices.


International Trading has also featured in our activities with components being supplied to the USA, India, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere demonstrating the competitive edge provided by our suppliers.


At RPA Components we use our knowledge to find quality, low cost component suppliers for you whilst maintaining an important manufacturer-customer relationship on your behalf.

Technical Support Available to You

We supply additional quality certification such as furnace graphs, forging histories, in process inspection reports, etc. when specified.

We ensure that all components we source meet the relevant standards and have access to independent inspection companies when necessary.


Whatever your level of technical understanding, we will assist you through the purchasing process.


RPA Components can supply parts certified by many Inspection Organisations such as TUV, SVCB, ASME, Lloyds, DNV, ABS, SGS, NKK and Stoomweezen.


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