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Whatever size casting you require, RPA Components are confident that we can supply a competitive quote. We work with a wide range of manufacturers across the globe from Europe to the Far East ensuring we can offer you processes as diverse as 110 tonne Iron Sand Casting to very small Investment Castings.


Choosing the correct casting technique for a component depends on the material, size, complexity, quantity requirements now but also in the future and is the key to getting the best value product.


Use our experience with manufacturers in Europe, Indian subcontinent and the Far East to achieve “Best Value”.


Almost all casting processes are available through RPA Components.


Our specialized areas however are:


Investment Casting

Also known as Lost Wax Casting, we are able to produce Steel Castings up to 50kg per piece by this process utilising both ceramic shell & block (plaster) mould techniques.


Centrifugal Casting

Also known as rotocasting or spin casting.


Sand Casting

By hand, mechanised moulding and automated systems (DISA).

Other processes:

Continuous Casting

- particularly for copper and copper alloys

Shell Moulding

Ferrous & Non Ferrous Materials

Gravity Die or Permanent Mould

High Pressure Die Casting

Low Pressure Die Casting

Metal Injection Moulding

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