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About Us

At RPA Components our business is providing solutions to your global procurement needs, whether it's castings or forgings, we understand the unique challenges that companies face when sourcing parts offshore and we specialise in providing answers that work for you.


For over 30 years we have worked with manufacturing companies from Europe, the Far East and the Indian subcontinent, offering customers in the UK the ability to purchase high quality components using innovative manufacturing processes at very competitive prices.

Whatever your concern from price, availability, exacting tolerance or unusual material specification we will take the hassle out of every stage of the process. From initial enquiry to product delivery, we guarantee that you will be dealing with the best supplier for your particular requirements.

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  How we work... 
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1. Identify the parts you want...

Decide upon the components and specifications that you require for your project.

(If you're unsure of exactly what you're after, don't worry, our team can help you with this in the next stage of the process.)

2. Submit your enquiry to us...


Contact our team via our dedicated phone line or through our online portal here.


One of our experienced team members will talk you through your options and help you decide on a price range and time frame that works for you.

3. We find you a manufacturer...

When you're happy with your enquiry, we'll reach out to one of our global suppliers, submit your request and negotiate pricing while keeping you up to date on the progress of your enquiry with regular reports.​

4. And have it delivered to your business...


Once the parts have been ordered, manufactured  and final quality checks have been passed - we'll arrange to have your components delivered directly to you and your business.



Frequently Asked Questions...

How much experience does RPA have in providing engineering services?

RPA have over 30 years experience in providing engineering services from Initial concept or drawing, through to quotation, samples, production orders and delivery.  Working with innovative, highly skilled suppliers means that we can respond quickly to any changes in your requirement.

How does RPA ensure our engineering data is kept confidential?

RPA maintain strict confidentiality via Non Disclosure Agreements with all our suppliers. We are also happy to work within your own Non Disclosure Agreement framework if required and all our systems and processes are within the GDPR guidelines to ensure that you and your company's data remains private.

What makes RPA different from other suppliers?

At RPA we offer a strong understanding of the unique challenges that customers face when sourcing parts from International Suppliers.  Our mission is to help you through all aspects of the process from price, availability, achieving delivery schedules, meeting exacting tolerances and finding solutions to unusual material or design requirements


We want you to consider us to be an extension of your own Purchasing/Sourcing Department and a valuable additional resource whenever you need it

How much do your services cost?

RPA will always quote you a Delivered (DDP) cost for any parts supplied.  We will also deal with all Customs & Duty Payments on your behalf and these costs are included in the price we quote to you. There are no hidden extras

How does RPA ensure Traceability and Quality?

We can provide Material Certificates, 3.1 Mill Certificates, Certificates of Conformity, ISO and other relevant certificates required. We can also arrange third party inspections prior to dispatch to ensure that you have full traceability on any part that we source.

Why Choose RPA?

We deliver quality products

We're low cost

Our enquiry process is hassle free

We source parts from all over the globe

We're direct in our approach

And we're managed by a team of experienced professionals

Find out more about the industries we supply to...

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Learn more about the components we source...

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Contact our team today 

+44 (0)1228 210166

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